Eigenface Tutorial - Eigenface Tutorial Keywords: Matlab,...

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Eigenface Tutorial Keywords: Matlab, Face Recognition, Eigenfaces, Computer vision This picture represents the set of images used to create our eigen space for face recognition. The goal of this tutorial is to apply the eigenface approach to recognize someone's face. The overall problem is to be able to accurately recognize a person's identity and take some action based on the outcome of the recognition process. Recognize a person's identity is important mainly for security reason, but it could also be used to obtain quick access to medical, criminal, or any type of records. Solving this problem is important because it could allow personnel to take preventive action action, provide better service - in the case of a doctors appointment, or allow a person access to a secure area. This tutorial will shows you how to build a face recognition program using Matlab. Motivation and Audience This tutorial has been developed to get people interest on computer vision and face recognition; in addition to give you some guidance on how to approach the problem. The reader should have the following background and interests:
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Eigenface Tutorial - Eigenface Tutorial Keywords: Matlab,...

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