Exercise 6

Exercise 6 - (deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs...

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Design Communications Department of Landscape Architecture RUTGERS UNIVERSITY Illustrator: Plan Graphics Weekly Exercise 6   Spring 2008 For this exercise, you are going to use illustrator to create plan graphics and revise an existing residential design. The homeowner is happy with the proposed hardscape however, they have come to their senses and refuse to install a gazebo. Therefore, using illustrator you must redesign the existing base plan and planting plan. The proposed planting plan must emphasize how various plant materials create space and volume in the landscape. I DO NOT CARE WHAT SPECIFIC SPECIES ARE USED! Project Requirements: The plan must be completed at 10 scale The document must be 11x17” in a landscape format All existing hardscape features (patio and pool) must be shown The house must be drafted There must be a design concept that guides the redesign of the gazebo area and use of plant material There must be a mix of plant material indicated with appropriate graphic symbols
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Unformatted text preview: (deciduous and evergreen- trees and shrubs ). Additional graphic symbols for vegetation have been placed in the exercise folder. • Do not label specific species • All graphics must have a “hand quality” and appropriate for professional level illustrative plans. All graphics should be based on a developed “style.” • All graphics must use an appropriate line weights to foster hierarchy in the composition • Shadow must be used on the plan and correspond to north on the site • The plan must be completed in Black & White (no color is permitted) • All graphic elements should be organized on appropriate layers Evaluation Criteria: • Accuracy of scale • Development of graphic style • Quality of graphics • Quality of design proposal Deliverables: Working illustrator file with layers separated (Last name_ex6.ai) Printed version without the existing base map Scale Factor: Measured Units x Scale Factor = Desired Units...
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Exercise 6 - (deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs...

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