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Glutamate aspartate glutamate aspartate glutamate and

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Unformatted text preview: A inhibits dopamine neurons – role in movement, affect, memory, anxiety, sleep Amino acids • GABA • Glutamate • Aspartate Glutamate, Aspartate • Glutamate and aspartate are major excitatory neurotransmitters • Major role in LTP (memory, learning) • Glutamate: widely available food additive (allowed): E 621, monosodium-glutamate, ve-tsin, the 5th taste (in chips, chinese food …): difficult to stop eating (glutamate stimulates the brain) 7 Opioids Receptor location: brain and spinal cord • Periaqueductal grey matter (analgesia) • Amygdala (retrograde amnesia) •… Endogenous ligands 1. Enkephalins: methionine, leucine 2. Endorphins 3. Dynorphins Involved in learning and memory, stress, pain Example of interaction of different neurotransmitters Working mechanisms of some drugs The importance of knowing the working mechanism of drugs e.g. neuroleptics 8 The blood brain barrier Lipophilic drugs easily pass the BBB Hydrophilic drugs hardly enter the brain. FUNCTION ----- 9...
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