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Unformatted text preview: St ee nw e gN oo rd Citadel park Gent Sint Piete rs RAIL WAY STAT ION Gr Entrance ote Campus Ledeganck (old location of DMBR) 927 Tra ms tra at t An an sla an ym He C. Roundabout "STERRE" n rpe we " us " mp RE Ca STER DE OUDENAARDSE STEENWEG e E40 VIB HQ HIG eenw gva a Gro te S t rt Ri jv iss ch Technologiepark Zwijnaarde es tr aa t DMBR raa E17 = HW AY USS EL eg N oord Exit 14 St. Denijs Westrem NDE - BR Rin KOR TRIJ K HIG HW AY = OO STE - AN TWE RPE N NT N GE EG ECTIO STEENW DIR E RIJKS KORT ZWIJNAARDSE ST EENWEG Oos tend DE AN LA TE PIN UNIVERSITAIR ZIEKENHUIS ACADEMIC HOSPITAL Exit 9 U.Z. By public transportation : In front of the railway station (Gent St. Pieters) take bus 70 (Zwijnaarde), bus 71 (Oudenaarde), bus 72 (Merelbeke), bus 48 (Zottegem) or bus 49 (Geraardsbergen). Exit "Bollebergen" (the first stop after the bridge over the canal and the motorway) is at the entrance of the "Technologiepark". By car : On the E17 highway Antwerpen-GentKortrijk, take Exit 9 "UZ" (University Hospital).Turn right. At the first traffic lights, turn left. You will pass in front of the University hospital. At the second traffic lights, turn left. You will cross the canal and the motorway. You will pass by the entrance of the "Technologiepark" but you cannot enter from this side of the road.100m further, you can come back along the other side and enter the "Technologiepark". t Kor trijk Dept. for Molecular Biomedical Research (DMBR) Technologiepark 927 9052 Gent (Zwijnaarde) Tra mst Brus sel ...
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