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05may09 In-Vivo Bio-Imaging In-vivo bio-imaging ImageProcessing 2009 2 nd semester dr. ir. Laury Chaerle
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05may09 In-Vivo Bio-Imaging Specifying ROI for leaf area Image matching Selecting GCPs Selecting plant information Spectral / fluorescence Defining ROIs for plant positions MANUAL Overlaying images AUTOMATIC Classifying image Applying ROIs on thermal image Calculating statistics
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05may09 In-Vivo Bio-Imaging Image Analysis for the Biological Sciences - Glasbey, C.A. and Horgan, G.W.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1: Introduction Figure 1.6 / 1.12 • Noise reduction / denoising by filtering • Segmentation by thresholding • Morphological operators : opening / closing Chapter 3 • Moving average filter • Moving median filter Chapter 5 Figure 5.5 • Erosion/Dilation • Opening/Closing...
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This note was uploaded on 05/28/2010 for the course WE BIOL000000 taught by Professor Laurychaerle during the Spring '10 term at Ghent University.

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In-vivo_bio-imaging-2009-ImProc -...

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