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1 MPET- MS Multiple Sclerosis = demyelinisation disease of the central nervous system impulse transmission disturbed v Presumably auto-immune disease with strong inflammatory component v Heterogeneous disease manifestation/disease evolution MPET- MS MS: disease manifestations v visual disturbances v speech disturbances v sensory disturbances v motor disturbances Dependent on location of the locus Day to day variations in disease manifestations: further inhibition of impaired pulse transmission by stress, temperature (exercise, hot bath,… ) MPET- MS MS: disease evolution v relapsing-remitting (also impairment due to edema) v chronic progressive v single attack (can be subclinical) MPET- MS MS: epidemiology v Incidence: 10/100 000 [20-50 yr] in USA and Northern Europe v South USA: 1/3 of North USA v Japan/Africa: rare v Migration studies: migrating children take pattern of immigration country ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR INVOLVED MPET- MS MS: epidemiology v relative risk of family: x15 v twin concordance
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ch3dhandoutsms - Multiple Sclerosis = demyelinisation...

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