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1 A drug can only act when it is present at the location of its target for a sufficient amount of time in a sufficient concentration MPET- Pharmacokinetics MPET- Pharmacokinetics Factors influencing ADME uptake by the body place and speed of administration galenic form (= way of formulating the drug) administration schedule (regimen) speed of absorption biological availability localization of target ease with which drug can cross membranes way and speed of elimination or metabolism of the drug interaction with plasma components influence of disease conditions genetic factors Interactions with other drugs MPET- Pharmacokinetics Most important ways of administration: Enteral : through the mouth and gastro-intestinal tract Orally (p.o)= swallowed Sublingual = under the tongue Bucal: through the mucosa of the mouth MPET- Pharmacokinetics Parenteral: injection Intra-muscular (i.m.)= in the muscle Subcutanous (s.c.)= under the skin Intradermal (i.d.)= in the dermis Intra-arterial (i.a.) Intrathecal : in the subarachnoidal space ( at the other side of the blood brain barrier) Intravenous (i.v.) Bolus: single injection Infusion: slow administration Continuous infusion : continuous administration MPET- Pharmacokinetics Inhalation Transdermal Rectal: suppo Topically: at the site: e.g. desinfectans at wound MPET- Pharmacokinetics
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2 GALENIC FORMS Galenic forms of drugs: same active substance(s) e.g. Slow release forms
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CH5handoutspharmacokinetics - A drug can only act when it...

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