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1 MPET obesity OBESITY USA: 35% is overweight, additional 30% is obese Global epidemic Due to: sedentary lifestyle improved socio-economic conditions processed high caloric foods and soft drinks MPET obesity OBESITY Increased mortality and morbidity diabetes cardiovascular diseases hypertension MPET obesity COMPLICATIONS OF OBESITY Metabolic Ø Diabetes mellitus Ø Hyperlipidemia Ø Gout Ø Gall bladder diseases Ø Decreased fertility Cardiovascular Ø Hypertension Ø Cardiac disorders Ø Cerebrovascular accidents Respiratory Ø Sleep apneu MPET obesity COMPLICATIONS OF OBESITY Cancer Breast cancer Uterus Colon Prostate Pregnancy Toxemia Disturbed glucose tolerance Surgical risk Wound infection Venous thrombosis Pneumonia Decreased life expectancy MPET obesity OBESITY BMI= Body Mass Index = body weight in kg/ square of body length in m BMI Classification < 18.5 Underweight 18.5-24.9 Normal weight 25-29.9 Overweight grade 1(overweight) 30-39.9 Overweight grade 2 (obesity) >40 Overweight grade 3 (severe obesity) MPET obesity OBESITY The simple pathogenesis: “When food derived energy chronically exceeds energy expenditure, the excess calories are stored as triglycerides in adipose tissue”
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2 MPET obesity OBESITY Average obesity: after diet: quick return to previous weight Stable body weight: energy consumption= intake Decreased energy uptake=> decreased consumption Increased fat mass =>increased fat consumption Fasting: loss of fat => hunger=> increased energy uptake Overfeeding: => satiety=>decreased energy uptake Set point + regulatory mechanisms MPET obesity OBESITY SET POINT 80 % genetically determined Lean parents: 10 % obese children 1 obese parent: 30 % 2 obese parents: 60 % ! correlation with natural parents, not adoption parents ! concordance monozygous twins> dizygous MPET obesity Ob/ob mouse: genetic defect is leptin (truncated inactive protein) [leptos= lean] leptin expressed in adipocytes (+ stomach + placenta) ob/ob mouse + recombinant leptin:
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CH6bhandoutsobesity_diabetes - OBESITY OBESITY USA 35 is...

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