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EFN_2008 - Health Observatory in Europe LET'S TALK ABOUT...

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1 Nº 6, May 2008 Offers EU experts’ opinions on health or other social policy issues at European level. Health Observatory in Europe: [email protected] Inés García-Sánchez, Director / Marta Carrillo Tirado, Consultant / Mª Ángeles Cantón Gálvez, Assistant. OSE: What is the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN)? Paul de Raeve (PR): The European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) was established in 1971 based on the nursing-education and free- movement Directives being drafted by the European Commission at that time. It’s the independent voice of the nursing profession and the effects of our lobbying activities are felt by more less than six million nurses at European level. EFN members are drawn from the National Nurses Associations of all the EU Member States, the Council of Europe and European Specialist- Nursing Organisations, with the addition of the World Health Organisation, the International Council of Nurses and the European Nursing Students holding an observer status. OSE: What are the objectives of your organisation? Which are the EFN´s funding sources? PR: Our mission is to strengthen the status and practice of the nursing profession and to represent its interests not only in the European Union but in Europe as a whole. The global objectives of our organization are: To ensure that nursing professionals and nursing itself are central to the development of socio-sanitary policies and their implementation in the EU and in Europe. Paul de Raeve European Federation of Nurses Association General Secretary of the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) and responsible for the lobby´s activities towards the European institutions. “I believe we need to put a human face to policy making” LET’S TALK ABOUT EUROPE Health Observatory in Europe
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2 To support and facilitate the quality and equity of health services in the EU and Europe through the development of sufficient, effective, competent and motivated nursing professionals. To strengthen EFN representation in the EU and Europe and to develop its key role of mediator between national associations and the decision-making bodies in the EU institutions. The EFN is only financed by member subscription. Through the EU project on Patient Safety and EFN advisory role in four other projects, some administrative costs are covered but we receive no financial assistance from the industry! OSE: Which are the priority areas in which the EFN is lobbying the EU institutions? PR: It is important for the members of the EFN to clearly establish priorities with the aim of guaranteeing the efficiency and effectiveness of our activities. With this in mind, three committees were formed, made up of federation members, who are responsible for issuing recommendations to the organisation’s General Assembly. These are: The Professional Committee, whose work is centred on aspects related to education.
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