stranger with a camera - environments and letting them give...

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1 Stranger with a Camera Elizabeth Barret, through a thorough examination revisits the death of Hugh O’Conner by showing us the role the media played in representing the people of Appalachia during the time of the incident, a period in which the news media had been flooding the town with news crews, leaving many residents feeling invaded and disturbed with how their simple lives were being misrepresented to the rest of the world. At that point in American history, eastern Kentucky's Appalachian region had become a symbol for all that was wrong with the American Dream. To be able to look into the lives of others in an attempt to tell a story, Barret is able to see the topic through two very important lenses – that of a filmmaker and that of a resident. As Barrett herself asks, what are the responsibilities of any of us who take images of other people and put them to our own use? Barret is faced with the task of accurately portraying a group of people and a way of life with which most people are unfamiliar with. She does this by interviewing the people in their natural
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Unformatted text preview: environments and letting them give their interpretations of the events without giving much of her own commentary. The interviews reveal the motivations behind this disastrous act and the difficulty of how the media is perceived. Thus, Barret leaves the judging up to the viewers. As Clifford Geertz: Anthropologist point of view first interpreter how the culture sees it in their prospective, than to make an interpretation, of that interpretation than whatever is left is up to the readers. 2
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stranger with a camera - environments and letting them give...

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