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Distance Learning Checkpoint 1 - want to have to put him in...

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My first thoughts on distance learning before enrolling at University of Phoenix were that it might be too hard for me. I am more of a hand on learner so I thought that all the reading and the discipline it took to turn in assignments without the teacher right there would be too difficult. I chose to go ahead with the University of Phoenix online because it was more conducive to my schedule. I recently had a baby and I really don't
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Unformatted text preview: want to have to put him in day care at 7 weeks old. The online schooling makes it so much easier for me and my son. I have realized that online classes are not as difficult as i thought them to be. It still takes time and dedication, but on the other hand it is easier than going to class in a classroom everyday because I can make my own schedule. I can do school work at 2 pm or midnight....
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