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Elevator Speech Assignment - Many people think distance...

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Many people think distance learning is a difficult concept to grasp. They think it is too complicated, or too much work, and would just rather go to class in a classroom. But, I am here to tell you differently. Distance learning is a fairly easy concept to understand as long as you know some key terms used. At least twice a week you log into your Axia college student website and click on the link to your class. A page loads that has all of your materials for the class, as well as a class outline. It is very easy to navigate. At the top of the page you have three other links that you can click on; discussion, assignments, and grades. To communicate with other classmates and your teachers you would click on the discussion link. Once you click on the discussion link it brings up the main forum. There are three types of forums that you can choose from online; the main forum, the chat room forum, and the course materials forum. The main forum is the primary forum for your class. The chat room forum is where students can discuss topics of their choices. Finally the
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