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There are many great tools that are provided by Axia College for the students, some of them include the audio appendixes, the digital stories, and the tutorials. My favorite of the three would be the tutorials. I am a very hand on type of learning person so when I have the chance to learn how to do something with step by step instructions it really helps me. The audio appendixes seem like a cool idea, although I have not personally used this tool myself. I learn better when I can read information; it just sticks with me better. But I think that the audio appendixes are cool for those people who live very busy lifestyles and don’t have time to sit down and read page after page of information. The digital stories are nice as well. I always listen to the story one or two times and then read the scripts to the stories. Like I said before I prefer to read because
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Unformatted text preview: I learn better that way. The option to download the appendixes does improve the quality of the educational experience that I am receiving. It is very convenient; people can download them and put them on their MP3 players, burn them to a CD and listen to them in the car, listen to them during a workout, listen to them quietly at work, etc. I think it does help people learn in a different way. Some people are the type of learner that has to hear what they are learning in order to soak the information up. I don’t think this is something that I will use very often, only because reading helps me learn better. Although I will consider putting them on my iPod and when I am on the go listening to them after I have read the appendixes. Reading and then listening may help me more than I know....
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