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checkpoint setting goals - The most important goal of mine...

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Two long term goals: 1. To get a PhD in Psychology. 2. To use my degree to help children that are sick (i.e. counseling children who have cancer or other life threatening diseases). Short term goals: 1. Get my associates in Psychology. Deadline: spring 2011 2. Get my Bachelor’s in Psychology. Deadline: spring 2013 3. Get my PhD in Psychology. Deadline: Enroll in classes no later than 2 years after I get my BA. I will reach my goals by going to school and not failing any classes. I will graduate on time by getting good grades. I would really love to work at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando, FL.
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Unformatted text preview: The most important goal of mine is to get a degree. I have to start somewhere, so getting my associates is my most important goal at this time. None of my goals are impossible, although they all come with their challenges. I am working on my AS right now. After I graduate I want to immediately start schooling for my BA, but I will need to find a job to help pay for school so I do not accumulate more student loans. After my BA I will have to take a break for a little while so I can find a good job, I want to try being a social worker if I can....
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