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My word per minute rate was 214 words per minutes. Practice makes perfect-practice your speech with your power point to get out all the kinks. Avoid humor- it is not a comedy show Do not put too much information in the slide show- too much information, or overloading it, can lead to long dragged out presentations. The audience will walk away and have learned nothing. Do not talk about you Do not use lingo that the audience will not understand K.I.S.S.-Keep it simple stupid! My approach to reading this article was to read it through once, and then re-read it, and finally go back if I had any questions about the article. I do that with pretty much everything that I read for academic purposes, just so that I retain the information better. My setting was a quiet house, my son was taking a nap and the only sound was the dishwasher running. I read it in a well lit room and I did not have much distraction. I focus better when my surroundings are quiet.
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Unformatted text preview: I minimized distractions by closing out all other windows that I had previously had open, making sure my son was asleep before I started, and putting my phone on silent so if anyone called it would not distract me. I do not think I became emotionally involved in the reading. I mean I focused and took away what the writer was trying to say, but I dont think I became emotionally involved. I was reading to learn how to create a knockout business presentation. The three words that I looked up were; protagonist, obscure, and mavericks. Protagonist means: a proponent for or an advocate of a political cause, social program, etc. Obscure means: not clear or plain; ambiguous, vague, or uncertain. Maverick means: a lone dissenter, as in intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes a stand apart from his or her associates....
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