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multiple intelligences - sense of music and that is very...

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Website number 1: http://www.wilywalnut.com/musical_intelligence/musical- intelligence.html Website number 2: http://www.soundpiper.com/mln/mi.htm Website number 3: http://www.brainboxx.co.uk/A1_MULTIPLE/pages/musical.htm I have two strong intelligences; musical and interpersonal. For this assignment I chose to talk about my musical intelligence. Some of my characteristics for this intelligence are: being sensitive to sound and rhythms, sensing tonal qualities, creating or enjoying sounds and rhythms, and understanding the structure of music. I knew prior to this week that I had a strong love for music, I know how to play multiple instruments and I was in band for seven years. Website number one reinforced quite a few things about me, and contradicted very little about me- if anything. Website number one talked about how I appreciate the emotional
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Unformatted text preview: sense of music and that is very true. I love listening to music and I become very emotionally tuned to it. It also talked about how I listen to a lot of music; my dad started me on this one. I listen to everything from Frank Sinatra to Jimi Hendrix to Steven Curtis Chapman. I love music. Website number two talks about how a person with musical intelligence loves to learn dances. This contradicts my personality. I am a terrible dancer, and when I dance it shows. I do not really appreciate dance either. I love music, but dancing does not interest me as much. Website number three was very good I thought. I liked how it had a section about developing your musical intelligence more. I definitely use music to create the right mood for what I am doing....
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