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CheckPoint Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication

CheckPoint Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication -...

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Axia College Material Appendix B Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication Enter the appropriate purpose, audience, tone, and content for the messages to your instructor and classmate. Purpose: Explain your purpose in writing each message or write a purpose statement for each message. Audience: Describe your audience and how knowing your audience affects each message. Tone: Describe the tone each message would take depending on its purpose and audience. Content: Write out what each message would say. Use the Tab key to move from one cell to the next. The cells expand to accommodate your text. Purpose Audience Tone Content Instructor Message To get a clearer view of the assignment, or get further instructions. Higher Authority. You need to use correct grammar and spelling. You don’t need to include as much background information since the instructor created the assignment. Formal. No abbreviations, use correct
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Unformatted text preview: grammar, and use correct spelling. Dr. W: I was writing because I had a question about assignment A. I have read the assignment details from the syllabus quite a few times and I am unsure of a few things. I was just wondering if it would be possible if you could explain it further to me. Thank you, Dori COM 140 Classmate Message To see how the individual classmate interpreted the assignment. Peer. You can use looser language than with a high authority. You might need to put more information on the assignment, and what you don’t understand in the message because they did not create it. Informal. You can shorten words and use jargon. You should still make sure your spelling is correct though. Amanda, Hey. I was wondering if you understood assignment A. I am so lost, and I have not a clue what to do. Am I alone in feeling this, did you understand it? Message me back. Thanks, Dori COM 140...
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