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In addition to writepoint and plagiarism checker there are a few other great tools located in the center for writing excellence. There is a tutorials and guides section that is very useful. This link allows students to improve their writing and grammar skills by reading and viewing sample documents. Included in this section are a reference citation generator, and a thesis statement generator. Another great tool located in the center for writing excellence is the writing and styles guidelines. This has all the writing guidelines for an associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree. Each type of degree has its own link and the information is very easy to read because it is formatted into tables. I believe the two most useful tools that will build my writing skills are the writepoint and plagiarism checker and the tutorials and guides section. The writepoint and plagiarism checker will help me so much because the writepoint catches any grammatical and spelling errors and the plagiarism checker makes sure your work is
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Unformatted text preview: original. The tutorials will help me because I have been out of school for about 4 years now and I could always use advice about how to write better, do different things when writing, and make sure I am getting my point across the right way. The results I got back when I used the plagiarism check were that I had a zero percent similarity index. I was not too surprised with this report because I knew that I had not copied anything, and I figured that my idea for my final project was original. The feedback that I received when I used writepoint was great. It provided a lot of help. There was a sentence in my paragraph that states: People who worked in the building that had children could drop off and pick up their kids with much more ease. Writepoint suggested that I not use the word kids because it was slang. That is something I didnt even think of. It was very helpful....
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