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Memo To: Mark Jackson, manager From: Dori DeBock, employee Date: February 26, 2010 Subject: Daycare proposal River View Plaza is in dire need of an outside service to bring more money into the building, and I have just the solution. I think including a daycare within the building would be a great idea. There are a few reasons why this service would be such a good idea for the River View Plaza, and they are: 1. Cost Effective: Anything put into the building of the daycare will be returned in a short amount of time. 2. Convenient: Employees within the building would no longer have to drive
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Unformatted text preview: from one side of town to the other to drop off their children. 3. Outside economic stimulation: A daycare within our facility would allow nearby businesses to use this service. So not only are we making money within our building, but we are now getting money from other people as well. I think a daycare would be a great source of income if approved. Employees would receive great benefit packages and other great perks. I have put a lot of time into my proposal and I am hoping that you will seriously consider approving this service. I think it would be a wise choice....
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