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checkpoint creating effective documents

checkpoint creating effective documents - Two tips for...

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Two tips for creating academic documents would be to create an index at the beginning of the document and including a summary of what you are writing about. Creating an index provides the reader quick access to the information that they are about to read in a small amount of time. Including a summary of what is being discussed in the reading is effective because it allows the reader to see a condensed overview of the main topics that the author wants the reader to take away from the information. I feel that the guidelines that are most important for formatting papers would be citing your work. Properly giving credit to the original author of quotes is very important. Plagiarism is not something that is taken lightly, so you should always use the correct format to cite your papers. I also believe that the subject matter of the paper is important as well. In order for someone to be interested in your writings, you need to make the topic interesting; you need to draw the reader in with your words. The writer must have emotion for the subject as well. If he
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