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characteristics of expository essay

characteristics of expository essay - There are quite a few...

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There are quite a few characteristics that make these essays expository. The article on how to clean a fish tells how to do something; therefore, the article is teaching me how to clean a fish. The article “A Soul as Free as the Air” uses facts to and information about Lucy Stone. Both essays used a different organization form to develop the essay. The organization type that the author used for “A Soul as Free as the Air” was time order. Time order is an expository essay that organizes information by putting it the form a written timeline. This means an essay can start at the beginning of a person’s life and go all the way to the end of someone’s life. The type of organization that the author used for the essay “How to Clean a Fish” was the informative process. This type of essay is a step by step process on how to do something. It also must be in order. It would not make sense to start with the last step and then go to the first step and then jump to the middle step. It must be in chronological order.
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