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Axia College Material Appendix B Web Source Evaluation 1. What is your expository essay topic? Medulloblastoma 2. Provide the URL of the Web site: http://health.med.umich.edu/healthcontent.cfm? 3. Provide the name of Web site:University of Michigan Health System 4. Primary use: Educational Commercial Other 5. What is the purpose or goal of this Web site? To inform the public about Medulloblastoma. This website talks about how the tumor forms and what areas of the body it affects. There are other various statistics and data as well. 6. What organization or individual created this site? National Cancer Institute 7. Does this organization or individual have affiliations that might create a built-in bias toward the information? Explain your answer. I do not believe that this information is biased. The knowledge and information used within the article has been written by doctors that specialize in this field. What other references are cited for the information presented? The website has the date of the last
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evaluating sources checkpoint - Axia College Material...

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