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The topic for my expository essay is Medulloblastoma. Three of my subtopics will be treatment options, general information about Medulloblastoma, and the stages of this type of cancer. National Cancer Institute. (2008). Brain cancer, Medulloblastoma, childhood: Treatment- Patient information. Retrieved from Schoenstadt, A. (2008). Medulloblastoma . MedTV. Retrieved from WebMd. (2010). Childhood Central Nervous System Embryonal Tumors - Staging of
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Unformatted text preview: Medulloblastoma . Retrieved from These three sources support one subtopic on my mind map. The first site talks about the treatment options available for children with this type of cancer. It goes into great detail and has a lot of valuable information. The second site talks about the different stages that this cancer goes through. And the third site gives general information like symptoms and where it is found in the body. All three of those things are found on my mind map....
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