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introduction and conclusion - symptoms treatment options...

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Introduction: Imagine what you were like as a child. Did you like to play sports, swim, or run around outside? Did you enjoy spending time with your friends, laughing, and joking around? Or did you prefer spending time alone, reading, and watching television? Whatever you enjoyed as a child you had fun doing it. Now imagine if you could not do any of those things. What if instead of swimming you were undergoing chemotherapy or surgery? Instead of running around with your friends you were confined to a bed because you could barely walk? For many children around the world this is a reality. There are many diseases that cripple children; one of these diseases is Medulloblastoma. While undefined, making people more aware of the signs,
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Unformatted text preview: symptoms, treatment options, and facts about Medulloblastoma can help save thousands of lives. Conclusion: Cancer is never an easy thing to deal with, but when a child is diagnosed with it the news can be devastating. It does not help that Medulloblastoma is not a widely known type of cancer so parents are usually unaware of the signs and symptoms. I believe by informing more people about Medulloblastoma and the signs, symptoms, treatment options for this silent killer can save thousands of children. If more parents knew about this silent killer then the children that do have it may be diagnosed sooner; therefore making it easier to treat....
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