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1. What feedback did you receive from your instructor? a. I received positive feedback from my instructor. She said that I was on point with my paragraphs, topic sentences, and I followed my outline. 2. What feedback did you receive from the peer reviewer? a. There were several comments that contradicted themselves; however for the most part the peer reviewer liked my introduction. The peer reviewer did mention that I needed more facts in my essay and that I needed to rework my conclusion. 3. I will incorporate all feedback by re-reading my paper and making the appropriate corrections. I have already started this process. I have re written my conclusion
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Unformatted text preview: and added more facts into the essay itself. I have also added images into my essay. 4. The feedback I received helped improve my essay because it lets me know what someone other than me thinks needs to be fixed. Having other people read my essay allows me to hear their option on what could be stronger, less vague, etc. 5. I chose not to include the feedback that my introduction was inappropriate for my essay. The peer reviewer praised me for how well my introduction was and how it caught their attention. And then they said that it did not fit into my essay. So I chose to ignore that feedback....
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