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Chapter 5 Worksheets 1 Name ________________________ Date: ________________________ Chapter 5 Rooms Division Operations 1. What is the primary function of a hotel? 2. What is the job of a hotel general manager? 3. The GM is ultimately responsible for the performance of the hotel and the employees. The GM is the leader and is held accountable for the hotel’s level of ____________________________. 4. What personal qualities do GM’s themselves say are needed to be successful? 5. Do some research. Since the Japanese word for death sounds similar to the pronunciation of the number four and the number nine sounds similar to pain, what do the Japanese do with rooms on the 4 th and 9 th floors? (Let each person do their own research, please don’t share answers.) 6. Research Fung Shui, especially anything you might find as it relates to hotels, and report at least five things about it NOT presented in the book. (Again, don’t share your answers.) 7. Research the megaresort “Westin Kauai” in Hawaii and either write down or give a good summary of their mission statement if it is long. (Question 8 has to do with this hotel, also.)
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Chapter 5 Worksheets 2 Name ________________________ Date: ________________________ 8. Tell me at least 5 interesting things you can find about this hotel, its new theme, how it is more synergistically attune to the local culture, and how the new corporate culture is more reflective of the hotel and its employees. Be specific and clear in your answers.
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