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Beverage Notes - Beverage Notes BAR EQUIIPMENT The range of...

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Beverage Notes BAR EQUIIPMENT The range of equipment found in licensed bars today will vary according to the type of bar and the products they offer. But it is important to keep in mind that in order for equipment to function efficiently and provide for quality beverages, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential. The equipment found in bars today can be classified as: I). Major - that equipment which is usually large,electricity or as powered, fixed or permanent,and subject to mechanical break-down. II. Minor - that equipment which is usually smaller, manually operated, mobile and subject to regular replacement. MAJOR BAR EQUIPMENT MINOR BAR EQUIPMENT Furnishings - bar counter - shelving - bar stools Plumbling - sinks - taps - beer tap (manual) Refrigeration - fridges - glass chillers - ice machine - bulk beer cooling system Electrical - glasswashers - expresso machines - electric spirit dispensrs - cash register - beer taps (electric) - Blenders - Shakers and bar glasses - Manual spirit measures - Spirit pourers - Service trays - Glass racks - Drip trays - Cutting boards - Knives and utensils - Ice buckets - Ice crushes - Juicers - Stirrers - Ash trays - Glassware - Rubbish bins - Wine and beer bottle openers
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Care of Glassware Please ensure that all dirty glassware, particularly those used for cream or juice based drinks, are scrubbed over the bar, brush before being placed in glasswasher. Please ensure that all glassware is polished after it is washed and before being placed in racks on shelves. Please use glass polishing cloths only. Please ensure that all Glassware is placed into correct wire racks/shelves after washing. Do not mix different glasses in the same racks. NB: Beer Glasses: - Do not polish as dirt/lint particles may effect presentation of beer - Do not use beer glasses for juices, soft drinks etc., as sugar coats the inside of glass, affecting presentation of beer. Place any broken glassware in special buckets provided for safety and stock control purposes. Do not place coffee cups in glass washer as coffee particles block drainage. Ensure no glassware placed in glasswasher has straws or garnishes inside. Use a clean glass for each new drink. Use cold classes for cold drinks and hot glasses for hot drinks. Handle glasses by the base or stem, never the rim. This goes for full or empty, clean or dirty glasses. Never use cracked or chipped glassware. Discard immediately. Never use glass as an ice scoop as fingers can come into contact with ice and glasses can easily chip or break.
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