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Conservation and Preservation - can remain environmentally...

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The way that I differentiate the definition of Conservation and preservation is this: Conservation to me means that we need to conserve the energy and wildlife that we have in order to be able to use the resources that it provides. It also means that if something is damaged like the wildlife, forests and soils that we need to do everything to bring it back to its original state. Preservation to me means that we need to do all that we can to protect and maintain the wildlife, forests and soils so that they are left undamaged. It also means that we need to do what it takes to keep our foods from spoiling and to keep the wildlife and fish from being killed off. I believe that there are ways to harvest the forest resources so that certain things are left undamaged. We can maintain the forests in a natural state and still get the things that we need from all the resources provided. We can start by using organic materials to harvest so that things
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Unformatted text preview: can remain environmentally safe. I find that sometimes we need to use what is in the natural forests in order to maintain good quality trees and wildlife. We should only take what is needed or even what has already decade, but we should also replace what is taken so that we can build back the forests and so that the plants and animals are not destroyed or homeless. I believe that if there are certain areas that are few and far between than they should be left alone. This certain land is the largest contiguous piece of public land in lower 48 states. They say that there is oil under the land though no one even knows how much. I feel that this land is better left alone because they have one of the last great wildlife in the nation and if this land is disturbed than these things will soon be deceased....
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