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(Quiz 2) 1. Nation population State government structure 2. A country's independence and sovereignty are bolstered by a diplomatic recognition by many nations. 3. Socialism government ownership of the means of production plus a big welfare system, as in the ex-Soviet Union. 4. A common _________ is an absolute necessity in creating a sense of nationhood. a. language b. history c. religion d. none of above ans.: D 5. Huntington – two electoral indicate stable democracy. (Quiz 3) 6. A constitution assists decision makers in the exercise of their authority by providing a set of guidelines determining rights and powers. 7. Constitution both the written and unwritten rules by which a government conducts its affair. 8. Which is necessary to amend the U.S. Constitution? rectification by three-fourths of the state legislatures. 9. Constitutionalism refers to a government that limits its power and respects individual rights. (Quiz 4) 10.According to the video clipping, Vincent Lo is in support of which administrative approach? 11.The method for the selection of the Chief Executive was an indirect representative democracy because the mechanism does not permit the largest possible part of the population to choose among contenders for political office . 12.Pluralists argue that the crux of politics is interest groups
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Quiz_Question - (Quiz 2) 1. Nation population State...

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