102G - CN05 - Review 1 - Writing Assignment 2 - A Case Study

102G - CN05 - Review 1 - Writing Assignment 2 - A Case...

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102G Class Notes 05 Review 1 Administrative d When I assign a grade to a student’s writing assignment, I evaluate that assignment both as a response to the prompt (“Did the assignment do what the prompt asked?”) and on the quality of the writing. 0 “Please change here and elsewhere” indicates that I’ve recognized the same opportunity elsewhere. 0 No student, under any circumstances, is to go outside the university for help in writing an assignment or in revising it. o Why my comments appear in light gray rather than black. 0 http://www.religionandnature.com/ 0 Ruth Gustafson, UCD Subject Specialist in, will give us a presentation on Wednesday and help us with our second writing assignment. 0 Office hours are your hours, including Chat Room tomorrow night, from 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Review of Class Notes 04 – from Class Notes 04 New for Today: How to Introduce a Memo that’s Been Requested Whenever writing a memo that’s been requested, you should introduce it with a one- sentence reminder of the request, because there’s a good chance that, as in this instance, for example, some time has passed and the reader has forgotten the request. In this instance, a sentence like this suffices: 0 This memo is in response to… 0 This memo New for Today: More on Memo Formatting d Relatively brief paragraphs because white space contributes to the legibility of a workplace document.
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Paragraph formatting, therefore 0 Information offered in the order that helps “Sen. Obama” remain with you. i. An explanation of each of the three discourses ii. Comparisons among them iii. Contrasts among them iv. Your recommendation New for Today: Review 1: Revision Begins with Recognition Snippets are always anonymous. I choose them not because they’re terrible, but because they illustrate opportunities from which most or all students can benefit. I build the four classes like this during the quarter entirely from the opportunities I find over the weekend. These grammatical and stylistic matters aren’t random! 0 When formatting the title of a source in-text: recognize that the nature of the source itself will tell you what you need to do. Here’s the simplest way I know how to offer this information: If you are referring to something whole, use italics. If you are referring to a part of something, use quotation marks. “In her essay The Rhetoric and Reality of Nature Protection: Toward a New Discourse ,” 0 Dependent and independent clauses: recognize that the strength of the clause should line up with or express the strength of your belief. “All focus on nature, whether as a resource, beauty, or “the right thing,” but fail to 
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102G - CN05 - Review 1 - Writing Assignment 2 - A Case...

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