102G - CN04 - To Recommend a Course of Action

102G - CN04 - To Recommend a Course of Action - UWP 102G...

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UWP 102G Class Notes 04 Memo Formatting Argument
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Administrative d Remember our numbering conventions when titling your file – not your workplace document – and uploading it to your Drop Box using this formatting exactly: Smith 11 Smith 21 Smith 31 Smith 41 Smith 12 Smith 22 Smith 32 Smith 42 Student example: Denniss The “rhythms” of the class, again – hence readings for Monday are readings for next writing assignment, and hence your second exercise is due. I will host a Chat Room on Tuesday, from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Review d We should consider a paragraph well written for reasons independent of its content. “One idea, developed.” O Sentences should most often develop “from the known to the new. In order to demonstrate this habit of mind more concretely than I have so far, this time I’m illustrating it with an entire paragraph. So we’ll go to Doremus (and find an active- voice sentence that, when converted into its passive voice equivalent, develops from the new to the known). “The heavy reliance of nature on the material discourse should come as no surprise. Nature obviously is important to people as a source of material resources. In addition, this discourse facilitates discussion in the seemingly objective language of mathematical comparison of costs and benefits. When society is struggling to accommodate deeply held divergent values, both sides may favor a decision that seems to transcend these divergent values. Moreover, the appeal of the material discourse
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102G - CN04 - To Recommend a Course of Action - UWP 102G...

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