102G - CN08 - How to Compose a Review Essay

102G - CN08 - How to Compose a Review Essay - 102G CN08 How...

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102G CN08 How to Compose a Review Essay Administrative 1/10ths of a Second Assignment for Monday, April 26 EndNote http://www.lib.ucdavis.edu/dept/instruc/research/endnote/overview.php 60 Minutes: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6027412n&tag=related;photovideo#comment Review: Analyzing Potential Sources for Their Quality Critically Analyzing potential sources o Initial Appraisal: Recency Institutional affiliations of author or authors Whether a publication is peer-reviewed The reputation of a peer-reviewed journal in its discipline or field (How many times cited in the disciplinary or professional literature, which we can think of as “post-publication peer review) If a book, the edition New for Today: Analytical Reading – To Identify the Argument “To analyze” means… Analytical reading, then, enables students to analyze potential sources quickly by finding the components of any argument: o The question at issue: the dispute to which the writer is contributing his or her belief and the reason(s) for it. Argument defined in this way as “the structured exchange of belief and the support for it o The writer’s belief – a/k/a the writer’s “thesis,” “conclusion,” and “answer”
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A digression on “conclusion,” which has distinct meanings in composition and in rhetoric o The writer’s support
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102G - CN08 - How to Compose a Review Essay - 102G CN08 How...

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