102G - CN11 - Review 2-1

102G - CN11 - Review 2-1 - 102G Class Notes 11 Review 2...

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102G Class Notes 11 Review 2 Administrative Results of poll → 1/10ths of a Second with in-class exercises together. Student participation matters more now. Chat Room tomorrow, from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM I’ve uploaded “Flood,” Ch. 9 of Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Rachel Carson’s “A Fable for Tomorrow,” Ch. 1 of Silent Spring http://wilderness.nps.gov/idea61.cfm Review: “From practices to qualities” means what? Paragraphing: The tests for paragraph unity and coherence o “Test your paragraph for coherence by seeing if a different order of sentences would make the meaning clearer.”* o “Test your paragraph for unity by seeing if a sentence can be omitted without injury to the clearness of the paragraph. Source: Shackford, Martha Hale, and Margaret Judson, Composition – Rhetoric – Unity, p.229 (1904) From Campagna, et. al., A Comparative Analysis… “Are conservation practitioners and organisations aware of the societal model that they encourage when implementing their missions? A critical analysis of some of the language that expresses these missions suggests that there is no clear attempt to make a fundamental shift in the grand course of actions that dominates societal attitudes. It is therefore possible that succeeding in the objectives may mean contributing towards a world that departs from the foreseen visions. Even if the environmental perspectives evolve into a priority for governments, the resulting societal schemes would still fit the dominant utilitarian paradigm. It seems to us that a debate on the conceptual structure of the environmental agenda is as
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urgent as the efforts to save the remnants of biodiversity. The final aim of this paper is to demonstrate that we need a new environmental politics that is not legitimised by the values of the utilitarian perspective but is, rather, capable of offering alternative views of human wellbeing that don’t see nature as only a resource to provide that wellbeing.” New for Today: Review of the Nature of a Review Essay
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102G - CN11 - Review 2-1 - 102G Class Notes 11 Review 2...

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