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102G - Prompt 1 - Rhetorical Analysis

102G - Prompt 1 - Rhetorical Analysis - 102G Writing...

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102G Writing Assignment 1 Rhetorical Analysis: Does Holly Doremus Make Her Case Successfully? Assignment: To compose a memo that incorporates comparisons and contrasts as means rather than as ends in themselves. The Scenario To offer an rhetorical analysis to the junior U.S. Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. A declared candidate for the presidency, Obama is a trained legal scholar and thus a member of the intended audience that Holly Doremus had in mind when she wrote, "The Rhetoric and Reality of Nature Protection: Toward a New Discourse." In order to distinguish himself from the other democratic nominees, and moreover from nominees outside the Democratic Party, he’s considering whether to advocate – that is, to argue for – a “new conversation on the environment.” If he does this, his new discourse will be the one that Doremus proposes in her article. Senator Obama, who knows of Doremus by reputation but hasn’t himself had the time to read
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