Exercise4(2) - PSC41(2 Research Methods Exercise 4...

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PSC41 (2) Research Methods Exercise 4: Identifying Hypotheses Student Name:___________________________ ID #: ______________________________ In this exercise you are provided with the description of several studies and are asked to identify the research hypothesis and the statistical test that would be appropriate to analyze the data. Please type your answers in the designated space below each question. Print the file and turn it in, in class, no later than TUESDAY, MARCH 2 nd . . This exercise worth a maximum of 15 points 1. (4 pts) Researchers presented gender-stereotypic television or non-gender-stereotypic commercials to elicit the female stereotype among women. In everyday life, gender-stereotypic activities include cooking for women and working on automobiles for men. Women who viewed the stereotypic commercials gave ratings indicating less interest in educational vocational options in which they were susceptible to stereotype threat (i.e., quantitative domains) and more interest in fields in which they were immune to stereotype threat (i.e., verbal domains). This research was published in: Davies, P. G., Spencer, S. J., Quinn, D. M., & Gerhardstein, R. (2002). Consuming images: How television commercials that elicit stereotype threat can restrain women academically and professionally.
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Exercise4(2) - PSC41(2 Research Methods Exercise 4...

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