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Portfolio Rubric

Portfolio Rubric - UWP 1 Pilot Portfolio Rubric Portfolio...

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UWP 1 Pilot Portfolio Rubric Portfolio Letter Meritorious Satisfactory Unsatisfactory A meritorious portfolio letter thoughtfully and thoroughly addresses all components of the task. The writer clearly explains and analyzes the choices made in the portfolio and describes the processes used to compose the various pieces. It is well written and carefully edited. The letter follows the task instructions and adequately introduces and reflects upon the different pieces in the portfolio. There may be occasional minor editing issues that are not enough to distract the reader or interfere with comprehension. The letter falls short of the task specifications in one or more ways. The content is general and does not sufficiently reflect upon or analyze the processes used to compose the various pieces. The letter may also have an unacceptable number of word- or sentence-level errors. Selected Class Papers Meritorious Satisfactory Unsatisfactory The papers in the portfolio address the assignments
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