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Quotation Integration Aldebol says, “. ..” Aldebol claims that “...” Aldebol indicates “. ..” Aldebol insists “. ..” Aldebol proves “. ..” Aldebol asks “. ..” Aldebol tells the audience of/about “. ..” Aldebol reminds the audience “. ..” Aldebol thinks “. ..” Aldebol explains “. ..” Use that before the quotation if the exact words in the quotation do not fit grammatically into your sentence. You may omit that if the exact words in the quotation fit grammatically into your sentence. You may use a comma to introduce a quotation if you have not used “that.” Keep in mind, however, that commas separate and interrupt, so check and see if your introductory phrase should be separated from the quotation. Example: Aldebol says, “writing papers helps develop logical thinking skills” (9). Aldebol proves “dragons are hibernating in the earth’s core until doomsday” (11). Ask yourself: Does the verb I’ve chosen fit with the subject or object (or both) inside the
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Unformatted text preview: quotation? Does the subject you’ve chosen fit the verb and object in the sentence? Remember that the verb you choose before the quotation (above: claims, indicates, insists, etc.) governs the clause or phrase inside the quotation. For example, the following quotation is not correctly integrated: “Aldebol proves ‘my study shows a definitive connection between global warming and a decline in pirates’” (7). The verb “prove” is in conflict with the verb “shows.” Also, the beginning of the sentence speaks of Aldebol in the third person, but the quotation brings in first person. This also causes the sentence to have two subjects: “Aldebol” and “my study.” Rewrite this quotation so that it is correctly integrated. Now create sentences for three of the quotations that you underlined while annotating your two sources....
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