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Kristen Aldebol UWP1-006 Spring 2010 Length Requirement: 1,500 words Advertising Analysis For your second paper, I would like you to continue to think about the way you see language used around you. You will examine the way a piece of advertising uses language to influence its audience. You should use some of the elements of analysis we’ve explored in class, keeping in mind what elements you looked at in your first paper. Next class you will bring a non-written advertisement. When you pick this out, I would like you to keep in mind that you should be looking for something you can analyze. In our next class we will work as a class to point out elements for analysis in each person’s choice. You may bring the article in with you physically, you may e-mail the information, or you may bring it on a usb drive. The following questions might help develop your thinking for your essay: o What did your advertisement attempt to communicate to its audience? o
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