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Paper 3 - Research Paper - and providing evidence for your...

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Kristen Aldebol UWP 1-006 Paper 3 – Research Paper Length Requirement: 2,000 words For your final paper I would like you to develop an argument regarding an issue within an academic field of study in which you have an interest. If you know your major, you could write about something in that field. If you are uncertain about your major, choose a topic within a field that you think you might enter. Ideally this research paper will make you more knowledgeable about a field that will be relevant to your academic studies outside of the world of UWP 1. I am aware that this is a very broad request. However, we will devote class time to developing this topic so that you aren’t completely set adrift. One place to start is with any area within the field you choose that is under heavy debate amongst scholars in that field. Your paper will situate itself into scholarly debate by stating a position in this issue
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Unformatted text preview: and providing evidence for your argument. It is essential that you do research within the field to understand the different facets of the issue and so that you may effectively counter arguments opposing your position. You will need to use at least 5 different sources for this paper, and 4 of those 5 sources should be scholarly . o Scholarly sources can be found through the UC Davis Library website, either by searching the catalog for books or by searching online databases. o Although Wikipedia and Google Scholar can point you towards scholarly articles, they themselves are not sources of scholarly, peer-reviewed information. Items due: o May 5: Topic due o May 10: Two sources due o May 12: Outline due in class o May 17: Five sources due in class o May 19: Rough Draft 1 due in class o May 24: Rough Draft 2 due on Smartsite Note: Portfolios are due on June 2...
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