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Kristen Aldebol UWP1-006 Spring Quarter 2010 Length requirement: 1,000 words Paper 1 – Language and Social Issues Most of us have thought about how we feel about a social issue facing our society today, and some of us may have even entered the debate ourselves. However, too frequently we hear the same talking points over and over again. This assignment asks you to identify a social issue that is important to you and to analyze the argumentative techniques used by each side. You should use at least two opposing essays or articles in your paper; you may use essays from Language Awareness or outside sources. Which side of the issue provides the most convincing arguments in their publications? How did the articles or essays you chose influence your thoughts about the issue?
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Unformatted text preview: What made the articles or essays you agreed with convincing? How did they use language to construct their arguments? Here are some questions you can ask about the articles and essays you’re reading to help get you started: o In what person is the text written (first, second, third, a mix)? o Does it use dialogue? o Does it use personal experience? Examples? Facts? o What kind of vocabulary does the author use? Is it simple? Formal? Slang? Jargon? You are not required to answer these questions in your essay, nor are these the only elements of the language you should examine. I have provided these questions to help jump-start your thinking as you examine articles and essays on your chosen social issue....
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