Comma Worksheet - Sentence Corrections

Comma Worksheet - Sentence Corrections - Identify the...

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Identify the clauses in the following sentences, classify them as independent or dependent, and then identify the comma error and write the corrected sentence below. All of these sentences come from the same essay, so the content is related (use this knowledge to understand the pronouns in the sentences). 1. We started the trip in the morning the first thing I learned from hiking with Max and his father is that picking up your trash plays a big role in hiking. 2. Many people bring pets along, we did. 3. Picking up after your pet also helps the wildlife people often think that when out in the woods they do not have to pick up after their pet, because no one is around; however, while there may or may not be anyone around, what your leaves behind can disrupt another animals environment. 4. Bringing your own trash bags with you is a big convenience because, you can just put your waste in the bag and take it to the next trash can you find. 5. I never knew how much trash can build up in just one day that is why bringing your own trash bag and picking up yourself is so important. 6.
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Comma Worksheet - Sentence Corrections - Identify the...

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