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Name:____________________ Date:__2/16/10 ____________ TA: ___ Quiz: Week 7 Section time:_______________ Each quiz is worth 2 points. Please write your name clearly and be brief with your answers. 1. If you substitute one amino acid for a different one in a natural enzyme of 300 amino acids, how will it change enzyme behavior? (1pt) A. No effect – any single amino acid is unimportant when the other 299 are OK. B. Protein will not fold properly and therefore can’t catalyze any reactions. C. The protein will fold OK but will fail to catalyse any reaction.
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Unformatted text preview: D. Protein will work OK at low temperature, but will “melt” at a temperature lower than the melting temperature of the normal protein. E. All of the above are true; it just depends on the position of the change in the sequence and the nature of the amino acid you use as a replacement. 2. True or False: (each one 0.5pt) _ T ____ In bacteria, translation and transcription are coupled. __ F ___ In eukaryotes, translation and transcription are coupled....
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