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Name:____________________ Date: 2/23/10 Section time:_______________ Quiz: Week 8 Each quiz is worth 2 points. Please write your name clearly and circle only one answer per question. 1. Which statement about membrane phospholipids is not true? (0.5 points) a. They associate to form bilayers. b. They have hydrophobic “tails.” c. They have hydrophilic “heads.” d. They can move about laterally (sideways) within the plane of the membrane. e. They flip-flop readily and easily from one side of the membrane to the other. 2. Which statement about ion channels is not true? (0.5 points) a. They form pores in the membrane. b. They are proteins. c. All ions pass through the same type of channel. d. Movement through them is from high concentrations to low concentrations. e. Movement through them is by simple diffusion. 3. Which of the following is required for a population at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
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Unformatted text preview: (0.5 points) a. There is migration between populations. b. Natural selection is acting on the alleles in the population. c. Mating is random. 4. A locus is the position of a gene on a chromosome. Which statement about allele frequency is not true? (0.5 points) a. The sum of all allele frequencies at a locus is always 1. b. If there are two alleles at a locus and we know the frequency of one of them, we can obtain the frequency of the other by multiplication. c. If an allele is missing from a population, its frequency in that population is 0. d. If there is only one allele at a locus, its frequency is 1. If you go over quiz answers: for 4b, mention that the statement could be corrected: “by subtraction”...
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