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Quiz week 6 answer

Quiz week 6 answer - during translation 3 Put these...

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Name:____________________ Date: 2/09/10 Section time:_______________ Quiz: Week 6 Each quiz is worth 2 points. Please write your name clearly and circle only one answer per question. 1. Which statement is true about tRNA? (0.5 pts) a. tRNA acts as an adaptor between mRNA and protein b. tRNA shows similar secondary structure to mRNA and rRNA c. tRNA exhibits secondary structure in the form of 4 arms 2. Which statement is also true about tRNA? (0.5 pts) a. tRNA presents a triplet anti-codon complementary to the mRNA sequence during translation b. tRNA presents a triplet anti-codon identical to the mRNA sequence
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Unformatted text preview: during translation 3. Put these processes in the correct order of occurrence: (0.5 pts) a. protein folding, transcription, translation b. protein folding, translation, transcription c. transcription, translation, protein folding d. translation, transcription, protein folding e. translation, protein folding, transcription 4. Transcription: (0.5 pts) a. requires ribosomes. b. requires tRNAs. c. produces mRNA growing from the 5’ end to the 3’ end. d. takes place only in euakaryotes....
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