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Quiz week 4 answer - photosystem II come from(0.5 pt Water...

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Name:____________________ Date: Section time:_______________ Quiz: Week 4 2 points total 1. _____ ____ can lower the activation energy of a specific reaction without changing the overall G of the reaction. (Or the free energy of reactants and products.) (0.5 pt) Enzymes or catalysts 2. In noncyclic oxygenic photosynthesis, where does the electron replacement for
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Unformatted text preview: photosystem II come from? (0.5 pt) Water, splitting water 3. Fill in the blanks: Amino acids are joined by __ peptide bonds __________ to form polypeptide chains. α-helices (a form of protein secondary structure) are stabilized by ___ hydrogen bonds _______. Word Bank: Hydrogen bonds, disulfide bonds, peptide bonds, hydrophobic interactions...
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