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Genetics problem set ANSWER KEY - Bio 171 genetics answer...

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Bio 171 genetics answer W2010 key 1. a) AA x AA Genotypes: 1 AA Phenotypes: 1 Red A A AA b) aa x aa Genotypes: 1 aa Phenotypes: 1 white a a aa c) AA x aa Genotypes: 1 Aa Phenotypes: 1 red a A Aa d) AA x Aa Genotypes: ½ AA, ½ Aa Phenotypes: 1 red A a A AA Aa e) Aa x aa Genotypes: ½ Aa, ½ aa Phenotypes: ½ red, ½ white A a a Aa aa f) Aa x Aa Genotypes: ¼ AA, ½ Aa, ¼ aa Phenotypes: ¾ red, ¼ white A a A AA Aa a Aa aa 2. Answers arranged as in # 1. Phenotypes: a) 1 red b) 1 white, c) 1 pink d) ½ red, ½ pink e) ½ pink, ½ white f) ¼ red, ½ pink, ¼ white 3. Let RR = red, rr = blue r R Rr Geno: all Rr Pheno: all red 4. Let D_ = dimpled chin, dd = smooth chin. Jack’s genotype is dd, Ariel’s is Dd ; Pheno: ½ dimpled, ½ smooth chins; Geno: = ½ Dd , ½ dd D d d Dd dd 5. Drew can cross her guinea pig with a white haired guinea pig ( ww ). This is known as a “test cross”. If her pet is heterozygous, then she would get ½ black and ½ white offspring. If her pet is homozygous dominant, all offspring would be black.
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6. Let Ww = white, ww = yellow w W Ww w ww Geno: ½ Ww and ½ ww Pheno: ½ white and ½ yellow 7. Law of Segregation: When meiosis occurs, homologous chromosomes separate in anaphase of meiosis I, so each cell at end of meiosis I is haploid – has only one copy of each distinct kind of chromosome. This means that gametes have only one allele for each gene. Gametes were produced through meiosis. Predicting gamete genotypes is critical for setting up a Punnett Square to predict offspring phenotypes and genotypes. 8. Law of Independent Assortment: When gametes are formed, alleles for two (or more) genes separate independently of each other because non-homologous chromosomes line up in the center of the cell, independently of each other at metaphase of meiosis I. 9.
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Genetics problem set ANSWER KEY - Bio 171 genetics answer...

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