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Exam 4 2009 Answer Key - Biology 171 Exam 4 Winter 2009 MC...

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1 Biology 171 Exam 4 Winter 2009 MC ANSWER KEYS FORM 1 & Form 4 Multiple-choice Question Answer Key 1. C. Deuterostomes exhibit radial cleavage whereas Protostomes do not. 2. A. about 475 million years ago, during the Ordovician. 3. A. Some fungi are important decomposers because they can break down cellulose and lignin. 4. B. are characterized by the production of flowers and fruit. 5. E. from gill arches in primitive fishes. 6. B. the development of a flatter face and larger braincase. 7. A. Each site has high alpha diversity and there is high beta diversity within the region. 8. E. A, B, & C. 9. B. freed tetrapods from their dependence on water for reproduction. 10. C. remobilization of fossilized carbon from the earth to the atmosphere. 11. B. have high rates of net primary productivity. 12. D. it secretes a toxin that poisons the mycorrhizal fungi of its competitors. 13. B. a disease that can complete its lifecycle in the absence of humans. 14. C. a high transmission efficiency and a long infectious period. 15. E. B & C. 16. E. None of the above. 17. B. primary succession begins with no soil or organisms, while secondary succession begins with both. 18. E. the species richness remains the same but the composition of species on an island changes. 19. B. The first plants did not have vascular tissues. 20. E. A, B & D. 21. E. A & B. 22. D. A & C. 23. C. is influenced by changes in the shape of Earth’s orbit as well as the tilt of its axis over long time scales. 24. D. A & B 25. B. meiosis producing spores. 26. D. are endothermic vertebrates with hair and mammary glands. 27. A. allowed the first gymnosperms and the first reptiles to reproduce far away from water. 28. D. Massive amphibian die offs in the last two decades have been linked to infection by a parasitic, basiodiomycete fungal pathogen. 29. C. a community becomes more susceptible to invasion when resource availability increases or resource uptake by native species decreases. 30. E. All of the above. SA Q Answer Key on next page
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2 Biology 171 Exam 4 Winter 2009 SHORT ANSWER KEY Answers in BOLD. SA 1 . Global climate change represents one of the greatest challenges facing human society and the diversity of life on earth (10 points total, A-D) Note: In part A, You did not read the same paper this year. A. According to an analysis of individual “carbon footprints” published in the Independent Newspaper, which of these two countries has the largest per capita carbon footprint, the USA or the United Kingdom? (1 pt.) In the UK, what was the single greatest contributor to an individual’s carbon footprint? (1 pt.) The USA has the larger per capita carbon footprint (1) B. Global temperatures have always fluctuated. How has the use of models contributed to the conclusion that human activities are responsible for current increases in global temperatures? (2 pt.) Models that use only natural drivers don’t predict current trends in global temperature
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Exam 4 2009 Answer Key - Biology 171 Exam 4 Winter 2009 MC...

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