Unit 4 Qs - Q Are invertebrates monophyletic polyphyletic...

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1 Unit 4 Questions Q: Are invertebrates monophyletic, polyphyletic or paraphyletic? Q: The transition from gill arches to jaws is complex. Would intermediate stages in the evolution of the jaw have any function? Q: According to the fossil record of vertebrates, when bone first evolved, what structure did it form? 1. endoskeleton 2. exoskeleton 3. vertebrae 4. skull 5. jaw Q: Using your knowledge of chordate evolution, which came first, the chicken or the amniotic egg? Q: Researchers agree that modern Homo sapiens originated in Africa and then spread throughout Europe, Asia and eventually the Americas. What do they disagree about? 1. whether the African population of H. sapiens left any descendants 2. whether early H. sapiens used tools 3. whether Neanderthals and H. sapiens interbred 4. whether H. neanderthalensis and Paranthropus went extinct at same time 5. whether Homo erectus and H. sapiens interbred
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2 Q: A shared derived trait of mammals is ______________ and a shared ancestral trait of mammals is ______________. 1. skull/ bipedalism 2. placenta/ amniotic egg 3. mammary glands/ lungs 4. parental care/ fur 5. amniotic egg/ lactation Q: Mammals and another group of vertebrates both have an amniotic egg, a derived trait. What is this other group? In species with an amniotic egg, is fertilization internal or external? Why? Q: Explain why climate makes the 3 successional pathways at Glacier Bay similar and why chance historical events make them different . Q: If we set up an experiment to study community assembly in pond communities, and we set up an array of ponds, filled them with sterilized water and allowed them to be colonized naturally, what results would we expect to see if the Gleason’s ‘individualistic hypothesis ’ was the best explanation for community structure and composition? 1. Biotic interactions will be the most important
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Unit 4 Qs - Q Are invertebrates monophyletic polyphyletic...

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