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CIS410 – Fall 2009 HTML Assignment Due Date: Monday, September 21 @ 11:59 PM Design and build a 3 page web site on any one theme (e.g., travel, business, hobby, sport, entertainment, family, etc.). You may use web page editors (e.g., Expression Web, Dreamweaver) or text editors (e.g., Notepad, TextPad). If you are new to HTML, I encourage you to use text editors to manually develop the pages and gain some familiarity with HTML tags. The web site should include ± at least one picture or graphic ± at least one table ± links to other web pages that you did not develop ± links to the other pages you developed for this site ± significant content (a few paragraphs of textual information to demonstrate your knowledge of formatting styles) ± professional layout ± A “developed by “ line on the web page with your name on it
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Unformatted text preview: Use one or more external style sheets to format your web pages. Post the web pages to the COB server which you see as the w: drive. You must post it in the public_html folder. You can make another directory in public_html if you want to organize your projects better. Your w: drive has the URL address if you post it directly in the public_html directory. Example: If I had a page, welcome.htm, in my public_html directory, its URL would be: Email the following to [email protected] ± The URL of your starting web page (home page) ± A zipped file containing all the html and css files that you developed for this assignment...
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