Biology ReView - Chapter 1

Biology ReView - Chapter 1 - Biology ReView By: Vaibhav...

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Biology Re V iew By: Vaibhav Mokashi Topic Details Definitions Biosphere Layer of our planet in which living things exist contains 3 major zones Lithosphere Solid portion of the Earth’s surface – made of soil, rock and ice Hydrosphere Layer of water covers 75% of Earth’s surface Atmosphere Mass of air surrounding Earth Ecosystem Unit of biosphere in which a distinct group of organisms interact with each other and their environment Producers, Autotrophs Manufacture food directly from the environment Plants and trees Consumers, Heterotrophs Cannot manufacture food obtain nourishment from the environment by consuming other organisms Rabbit, mouse, lion Herbivores Consumers that only eat plants Rabbits and elephants Carnivores Consumers that only eat animal material Lions and tigers Omnivores Consumers that eat plants and animals Humans, raccoons, cowbirds Trophic level Tells how directly a consumer interacts with the producers of its ecosystem Primary Consumers Feed at the trophic level above the producers Grass Secondary Consumers Feed at the second trophic level above the primary consumers Grasshopper Tertiary Consumers Feed at the third trophic level above the secondary consumers Rat Top Carnivores Animals that not hunted for food by any other animals in the ecosystem Hawk 1 st Level Carnivores Carnivores that consume herbivores Snake Food Chain Transfer of food energy from plants to one or more animals; a series of plants and animals linked by their food relationships Food Web Interconnected food chains
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Biology ReView - Chapter 1 - Biology ReView By: Vaibhav...

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